This isn't our first time around the kitchen table!

We have 30+ years of chef, nutrition, TV, food and housewares marketing experience. This 5-STAR experience is combined with our team of talented chefs, nutritionists and marketing staff who will build consumer engagement through delicious and compelling recipes, guides, tips, nutrition information, and cookbooks that tell your story!

Meet our Executive team!

Bob-Warden-cBob Warden

Bob is a recognized and highly respected Housewares Executive, TV personality, cookbook author and cookbook publisher with over five decades of proven industry experience.In addition, Warden has collaborated in bringing over 1,000 kitchenware products to market using Direct Response Television. From 1998 to 2014 Warden was instrumental in developing QVC’s private label Cook’s Essentials® and Technique® cookware and small electric appliance lines, which have sold over two billion dollars in retail sales. During that span, Warden has personally appeared as a celebrated QVC on-air chef for more than 5,000 live presentations.

To support QVC and other major housewares brands, Warden and his team have authored, developed printed and published over 30 cookbooks, totaling over 3 million books sold. Several of these books have become the #1 selling cookbook on Amazon for many weeks. Three of Bob’s cookbooks have listed in the top five on several annual publishing top seller lists. He is the recognized expert in creating cookbooks specifically designed to support specialty housewares products, such as pressure cookers, Ninja blenders, slow cookers, steam ovens, etc. All of his books are designed both to provide confidence to the consumer to motivate and engage them into the initial purchase decision, but even more importantly to create individual customer success, which in turn reduces product returns and creates customer ambassadors. PIP was founded to extend cookbook publishing partnerships to all who need expertise in creating specialty cookbooks.

Mona Wetter DolgovMona Wetter Dolgov

Mona is an experienced, “get-it-done” marketing executive, with her 25+ year career focused on food. She has led marketing launch teams across different food-related industries, including consumer packaged goods (Kraft®), retailers (Ahold®), and kitchen appliances (Jarden® and Euro-Pro®). This has given her deep insights into consumers, what they need to make a purchase decision, expected home use and actual product use.

A nutritionist by training from Cornell University, with 25 years of acquired marketing acumen, she has created her sweet spot. She has led and contributed to over 20 launch campaigns, created over 75 products in her career, and owns 3 product patents (NINJA®, Jarden®, and The First Years®). She has led the development of over 20 cookbooks for Jarden® (Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker), Ahold® (Taste of Giant®), and for Euro-Pro® (NINJA®). She is known for defining innovative trends, creating engaging consumer stories and WOWs, and creating innovative consumer uses and recipes that are on-trend.

Mona has also led and created scripts, recipes and tips with a variety of celebrity chefs and food bloggers, dietitians, in addition to co-producing the development for You-Tube recipe videos.

Mona chose to create PIP with Bob to continue her personal passion of getting consumers to enjoy and relax about cooking, in order to create healthier lives.